Who we are

We are an international software engineering agency specializing in synthesizing, producing and delivering the next generation of cutting edge digital solutions.

Because of our wide-ranging experience, we are often called upon as close advisors working directly with senior management. We help establish trust through your organization by basing our decisions on the latest software development patterns and best practice; never re-inventing the wheel and always close-circuiting even complex issues.

Our network allows us to fill any gap in your project, be it R&D, greenfield, legacy, cloud or on-premise, enterprise or small business. We provide you with the knowledge you must have for success and our involvement vary from communication minutes to full life-cycle.


Cloud-based architecture. Big data, best practices.

Our catalogue of expertise:

Project Management
  • Financing
  • Project Office
  • Software Purchase Evaluation
  • Licensing
Research & Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Communication Plan
  • Product Management
  • Inception, Conception and Launch
Platform Architecture
  • Cloud-based Architecture
  • Specialized Engineering
  • Hosting Technology
  • Cryptocurrency Adoption
Software Creation
  • Interface Development
  • Interaction Design
  • Post-launch Support


Every consultation agency is defined by their experience. We have the privilege of working with some of the most iconic brands in technology and cloud computing such as:

Amazon Web Services

Cloud wizardry at the highest level.

Our Amazon Web Services experience in the Nordic region is second to none. A few of us are actually former AWS Solutions Architects with multiple certifications and AWS Professional Solutions Architect as the foundation. We have enabled some of the biggest enterprises in the world to establish a strong cloud presence. Don’t buy a cat in a bag, ensure that your projects are governed by trusted experienced partners or risk failures ranging from modest to catastrophic.


R&D with Innovation brought to the foreground.

When Huawei decided to build a new Chinese operating system for their mobile devices, Millenion was contracted to provide R&D guidance and thought leadership given a “second chance” to build things right from the beginning.


Aligning global practice and defining the standard.

As the centerpiece of an extremely competitive environment, Millenion was contracted to provide senior management with the necessary knowledge on how to build their AWS consulting business across international boundaries, managing AWS accounts and assets, and introduction of DevOps to existing PDU’s.

Previous Collaborators


Investing in innovative technology companies since 2012

Millenion partners with passionate entrepreneurs and startups to build enduring, era-defining companies that define their categories.

Our current investments:

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Solutions
- Contact us if you have a killer idea for a new de-centralized blockchain token/coin/ICO and we'll help you make it real.
Cloud-based DevOps Architecture
Financial Technology
The next big thing.

Enable your business to utilize bitcoin & ethereum. In a rapidly evolving crypto market it is necessary to be closely involved with developers, marketers and other cryptocurrency pioneers.

Millenion will accept select (Primarily Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Dash and Litecoin) cryptocurrencies as payment for work and managed cloud computing resources. Contact us for more information on this or if you have questions in general around cryptocurrencies and blockchain related technology questions. Want to pay for your AWS usage through Bitcoin? No problem! Need to be able to accept Ether (ETH) in your DAPP? We can help! Enthusiast, amateur or professional – blockchain has already revolutionized the world and Millenion was part from the beginning.

Our greatest strength

We listen, and we share our abundant wealth of experience with you – so that the bond of trust between consultant and client allows you to sleep well at night knowing that your back is being watched. We enter into something together, we finish together – and there’s never ever a problem that can’t be fixed. Think we’re full of it? Tell us!

Get In Touch

Tell us more about what you need! We will gladly reach out to you the way YOU prefer, but let’s kick things off with an e-mail. We hereby guarantee that if we can’t help you, we will at least help you navigate to where you need to go for qualified assistance.

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